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today [08 Jan 2007|02:35pm]

Well i guess im the only one who like my community. thats fine i can talk all day.
Well yesterday i did very good, i ate nothing after red lobster, and today i am doing well, i had like 4 chunks of melon , thats all. Im was down like 5 pounds 3 days ago, then it went to normal, then down 2 pounds, and this morning 5, its really bugging me, i want to get to -10 by wed.
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[07 Jan 2007|03:48pm]

well i have been doing really good on my diet on friday i had 2 cups of rice, and some granola, but i also drank alot of calories because i went to canada for my 19th b-day. Yesterday after canada every one was starving and took a trip to mcdonalds. I said my tummy hurt so i ate 2 chiken nuggest with is like 70 calories and i had like 5 fries. After that i had to go to work, i was so tired i only had like 2 hrs sleep. At work i had two little pecies of cheese 2 carrots and 2 cucumber slices. Later that night i had 1/4 cup cottage cheese which it 40 cals. today my mother took me to red lobster for my b-day, i splurged a little. i had crab legs no butter and like 5 shrimp and salad. But i broke down and ate a biscuit if youve every been there you would know how delicious the biscuits are oh god there sooooo goood. but in not eating anything else today soo i think thats fine since it is my birthday
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[05 Jan 2007|11:30am]

[ mood | giddy ]

He every one. If you didnt read how this comm. is gonna run every two weeks i will post the rules for a diet, if your happy with the one your on dont participate. This is to help you ( and me ) find what diet works the best. Try to post everyday if possible, tell us what you think about the diet, what you eat, how you feel and anything you want to share.

For the first two weeks i will go with 2-4-6-8 this is pretty simple, and most people know this, but for those who dont you eat 200 cals day one then 400, then 600, then 800, then start back at 200. this is a good diet for those who are stuck at a weight this will make your matabolism work diffrent than normal.

its up to you how you eat your calories, you can do it in one meal, or you can eat many small things during the day.

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[02 Jan 2007|11:37pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

i would love for anyone to join this comm.
this is a friendly comm. made so people living with ana/mia every day.
this site was not created to bring people to start an e/d

Please post

how long have you had this ed:
what is your ed:

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